State Coordinators

State Coordinators are recruited from Preservation Action’s Board of Directors to organize and encourage lobbying from Preservation Action members in their state. The role of the State Coordinator will in many cases be done in conjunction with the preservation statewide organization.

The State Coordinator will serve to identify members by congressional district, access their ability and availability to lobby, and organize their federal lobbying efforts. We want to ensure that each state is regularly in communication with their Senators and Congressman and that their lobbying efforts are well-conceived and as effective as possible. Some will be willing to travel to Washington, DC for Advocacy Week, while others may prefer to write letters, make phone calls, or undertake in-district lobbying.

If you do not see your state listed below, we need your help to find a coordinator!  Or, consider becoming one yourself. If you’re interested in this important volunteer position, please contact us anytime.

Coordinator Affiliation State
Janet Matheson Janet Matheson Architect AK
Stephen McNair Alabama Preservation Action AL
Rachel Patton Preserve Arkansas AR
Charlie Jansen Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation CT
Melissa Wyllie Florida Trust for Historic Preservation FL
Frank Butterfield Landmarks Illinois IL
Marsh Davis Indiana Landmarks IN
Laura Carstens City of Dubuque IA
Betsy Hatfield Preservation Kentucky KY
Fairleigh Jackson Preserve Louisiana LA
Danielle Del Sol Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans LA
James Igoe Preservation Massachusetts MA
Nancy Finegood Michigan Historic Preservation Network MI
Roger Brooks Preservation Alliance of Minnesota MN
Elly Colmers Preservation Maryland MD
Elizabeth Rosin Rosin Preservation MO
Bill Hart Missouri Preservation MO
Lolly Rash Mississippi Heritage Trust MS
J. Myrick Howard Preservation North Carolina NC
Courtenay Mercer Preservation New Jersey NJ
Heidi Swank Nevada Preservation Foundation NV
Erin Tobin Preservation League of New York State NY
Joyce Barrett Heritage Ohio OH
Peggy Moretti Restore Oregon OR
Mindy Crawford Preservation Pennsylvania PA
Peter Benton Heritage Strategies, Inc PA
Winslow Hastie Historic Charleston Foundation SC
Philip Thomason Thomason and Associates TN
Vincent Michael San Antonio Conservation Society TX
Kirk Huffaker Utah Heritage Foundation UT
Elizabeth Klostleny Preservation Virginia VA
Chris Moore Washington Trust for Historic Preservation WA