House to Consider Interior Appropriations. Amendments to Increase HPF Submitted; Senate Committee Holds Hearing on Restore Our Parks Act; Gold Rush: PAF Auction Returns Nov. 14th; and Stories From Around the States

Preservation Action, Legislative Update
Volume 21, Number 23, July 13, 2018 →

Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) with Preservation Action, President, Russ Carnahan during Preservation Advocacy Week 2018.

1. House To Consider FY19 Interior Appropriations Bill Next Week. Amendments to Increase HPF Submitted

2. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Holds Hearing on Restore Our Parks Act

3.  Gold Rush: Party Time! PAF Auction Returns on Nov. 14th in San Francisco

4. Stories From the States

Legislative Update: July 13, 2018 →