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Preservation Action, Legislative Update
Volume 19, Number 36, September 23, 2016 →

Struggle Over Passing Continuing Resolution Continues as Shutdown Threat Looms

Democrats and Republicans have still yet to come together on passing a continuing resolution (C.R), which is needed to avert a government shutdown on October 1st. Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell (R-KY) scheduled a vote on a what he calls “clean” C.R that would fund the government through December 9th. Many Democrats including Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NM) continued to object to portions of the bill. Congress will need to come together by next Friday to avoid government shutdown. Most in Washington think Congress will pass a C.R, as both Democrats and Republicans want to avoid a shutdown during an election year. Although as the battle moves into another week, lawmakers are running out of time.

Provided an agreement on a C.R can be reached by next week, this postpones the debate over spending levels until Dec. 9th. Both sides will have to come together by December 9th to either pass the remaining appropriations bills, which is less likely, or pass some type of omnibus spending package. Preservation Action will continue our advocacy to make sure that critical increases to the Historic Preservation Fund (HPF), which were included in the House Interior Appropriations bill, make it into any final spending bill.

House HPF Appropriaitons

  • -SHPOs: $47.925 million, $1 million above FY16 enacted levels
  • -THPOs: $11.985 million, $2 million above FY16 enacted levels
  • -Civil Rights Grants: $13 million, $5 million above FY16 enacted levels
  • -Save America’s Treasures: $5 million, not included in FY16
  • -HBCU Preservation Program: $5 million, not included in FY16
  • -Underserved Communities: $500,000, same as FY16 enacted levels

Preservation50 Announces Leadership Development Program for Emerging Leaders in Historic Preservation

Preservation50 and American Express announced the launch of ARCUS: a leadership development program for emerging leaders in the historic preservation movement. The program will offer participants easy access to short-courses, materials and networking opportunities aimed at providing modern leadership training for emerging leaders in cultural heritage and the historic preservation movement. The program consist of 25 short-courses and is being developed by experts in the field of leadership development and current leaders of the historic preservation movement, including many of Preservation Action’s partner organizations.

The ARCUS “fellowship” will last 6 months and will primarily done online with one in-person, full day training/networking session that will coincide with the National Preservation Conference in Houston, TX or National Historic Preservation Advocacy Week in Washington, DC. Applications are now being accepted through October 1st for the fall program and January 15, 2017 for the spring fellowship program. The online platform will go live on November 1st for the fall program. Admission is rolling will close when classes are full. Learn more about this exciting program to train future leaders of the historic preservation movement and apply today!

Participate in National Public Lands Day this Saturday

This Saturday, September 24th, is the 23rd annual National Public Lands Day. Volunteer events and programs will be taking place across the country this weekend that allow you to lend a hand in sprucing up America’s public lands. National Public Lands Day (NLPD) is the largest, single-day volunteer effort for public lands. Previous NLPD’s have brought together over 200,000 people to volunteer for America’s public lands. Over 30% of the land in the United States is public land, including many of our most important historic sites. Now is your chance to give back. Find a NPLD event near you!

In addition to the numerous volunteer opportunities, all federal public lands, including all 413 units of the National Park Service, and many state parks will be admission free on September 24th in recognition of National Public Lands Day. Whether you participate in one of the volunteer events or visit one of our National Parks, take to time appreciate and celebrate America’s extraordinary public lands and the great outdoors.

National News

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