Preservation Action

         Our Mission

Preservation Action is a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization created in 1974 to serve as the national grassroots lobby for historic preservation. Preservation Action seeks to make historic preservation a national priority by advocating to all branches of the federal government for sound preservation policy and programs through a grassroots constituency empowered with information and training and through direct contact with elected representatives.

          Our Vision

Preservation Action will consider itself successful when historic preservation is deeply ingrained in our culture, embraced by the nation’s citizenry and its elected officials, from town hall to Capitol Hill.  In our vision, every American has recognized the need to become a steward of our historic and cultural resources.

In our vision, our communities are stronger, more livable and exhibit a greater sense of place because these officials, supported and encouraged by the citizenry, have assumed a leadership role in initiating legislation that includes historic preservation as an integral part in creating and sustaining our communities.

Since 1974, Preservation Action has been and continues to be the preeminent Capitol Hill advocate for national legislation favorable to historic preservation; however, it’s focus has moved from the need to formulate preservation policy and programs to one of supporting those initiated by our legislators.

        Our CALL-TO-ACTION

Preservation Action is the only national nonprofit dedicated exclusively to lobbying for the best preservation-friendly policies at the national level. If you’re a grassroots preservationist, your agenda is our agenda – and we look to you to help us shape our priorities. Take action immediately by subscribing to the weekly Legislative Updates, becoming a Preservation Action member, donating to the Preservation Action Foundation, and visiting our Action Center today.

We are as Strong as our Grassroots Membership

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