Preservation Action follows and analyses all historic preservation legislation in our weekly Legislative Update, and we annually refocus our actions to our member’s greatest priorities. The briefings provided for National Historic Preservation Advocacy Week, an annual day of lobbying, are also a good place for basic information on the status of preservation legislation. Contact our offices anytime with questions and news from the field.

How a Bill Becomes a Law and When Grassroots Advocates can Best Influence a Member’s Vote

This chart shows the typical path a bill takes to become law. Bills are introduced by members of the House or Senate, and sometimes at the request of the Executive Branch.

✪ = Effective lobbying opportunities for grassroots preservation advocates. Go to the Action Center for guidance.

House of Representatives
Assigned to Committee

Hearings, Mark-Up
Bill Reported✪

Full Committee
Mark-up, Bill Reported✪

Rules Committee
Schedule for Floor Action

House Floor
Debate, Vote✪