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Preservation Action, Legislative Update
Volume 16, Number 47, November 29, 2013 →

Grassroots Voices Needed

It’s that time of year again! We need you, our friends and members, to take part in our annual Grassroots Survey. The grassroots survey is how Preservation Action determines our legislative agenda for the year and it is extremely important that all of our members participate. We encourage you to forward this to your preservation-minded friends and colleagues. Please click here to take the survey.

Preservation Action Continues Work on JPMorgan Chase Settlement

As details of the JPMorgan Chase settlement continue to hold headlines, Preservation Action and a group of partners are monitoring for impacts on historic preservation. We hope that the company will consider rehabilitation in its implementation of this settlement.

A Message from John

Dear Preservation Action Members,

It’s with mixed emotions that I announce to you all that I will be leaving Preservation Action on December 6th to become the Texas Field Director of the Libre Initiative, a non-profit that advances the principles and values of economic freedom to empower the Hispanic community. The move will take me from Washington, DC, back to Houston, Texas, where I attended law school.

I would like to thank all of you for your dedication to preservation. You all are the grassroots folks who are out there saving buildings each day and knowing that you were there supporting the efforts of Preservation Action helped keep me going day in, day out in a polarized and sometimes challenging political atmosphere here in Washington. I hope that you all will continue to support Preservation Action’s efforts—it is a great organization and, with Meagan and Darlene, I know you’re in good hands.

I am so grateful for the relationships I have formed while here. I hope you’ll stay in touch and look me up if you’re ever in the Houston area. My personal email address is johncblarue@gmail.com. Thank you all, again, for the opportunity to work on such an important and worthwhile cause.

John C.B. LaRue

Happy Thanksgiving!

Preservation Action has much to be thankful for this year. We are certainly thankful the legislative successes we have had over the past year. Most of all, however, we are thankful for you, our members and supporters, whom we rely upon day in and day out to carry out the mission of the organization. We wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends.

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