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Preservation Action, Legislative Update
Volume 17, Number 27, July 25, 2014 →

Heritage Partnership Program Restored and Full List of FY 2015 Interior Appropriations Bill Adopted Amendments

The FY 2015 Interior Appropriations Bill passed the full Appropriations Committee in a 29-19 vote and still awaits a vote on the House floor.

Several amendments to the FY 2015 Interior Appropriations Bill were adopted by the Appropriations Committee, including restoring funding to the Heritage Partnership Program (HPP). Republican and and Democratic appropriators crafted a manager’s amendment, which restored HPP funding to $18.29 million, 2014 enacted levels. View the full list of adopted amendments below.

FY 2015 Interior Appropriations Bill Adopted Amendments →

Preservation Action in-District Meetings

During the upcoming Congressional in-district work periods, it is critical that you keep up the momentum. Educate your member of Congress on historic preservation projects in your local community.

We’re counting on grassroots activists to help preserve funding for Historic Tax Credits and the Historic Preservation Fund

  • Introduce yourself to your US Senate and US House of Representative members’ District office staff.
  • Identify a tax project in your community for Congressional visits.
  • Invite the Members and their staff to tour a tax project.
  • Request a meeting with your Member of Congress in their district.
  • Invite the member of Congress to speak at a local event on historic preservation.

 Senate National Park Subcommittee Holds Hearings on National Heritage Area Bills

The Senate’s Energy and Natural Resources National Park Subcommittee heard testimony on the establishment and reauthorization of several National Heritage Areas (NHA). These included establishing the Appalachian Forest, the Mountains to Sound Greenway in Washington and Maritime Washington as NHA’s. The subcommittee also heard testimony on the reauthorization of the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor and the Automobile NHA in Michigan. Learn more about these bills and view the full list of senate bills discussed.

Senate National Parks Subcommittee Hearing  →

Advisory Council Issues Resolution on HPF Funding

The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) issued a resolution, requesting that the Administration seek full and permanent funding for the Historic Preservation Fund (HPF). HPF funding is authorized at $150 million annually but has never reached that level and in fact receives significantly less. Sufficient funding for HPF is critical so that State and Tribal Historic Preservation Offices can carry our their duties under the National Historic Preservation Act, including Section 106 consultation.  Read the full ACHP resolution below.

ACHP HPF Resolution  →

FEMA Announces Eligible Policyholders Should Start Seeing Refunds by Oct. 1

As part of the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act, FEMA announced that eligible policyholders who were subject to significant rate increases in their flood insurance premiums, should start seeing refunds by Oct. 1. FEMA estimates that 13.8 percent of policyholders should expect a refund check.  Find out more information on the refunds being issued and flood insurance reform on FEMA’s website. Also download our one-pager on flood insurance.

FEMA Flood Insurance Reform →

Preservation Action: Flood Insurance One-Pager →

Preservation Action Supports Lifting of Wisconsin’s HTC Moratorium

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker announced that the moratorium placed on Wisconsin’s Historic Tax Credit (HTC) would be lifted. The Wisconsin’s Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) placed a moratorium on the state’s recently expanded program, after demand for the program significantly exceeded the State’s expectation. Wisconsin’s HTC program was expanded in January from providing 5% of rehabilitating costs to 20%, making the program comparable to neighboring state Minnesota’s HTC program.

Gov. Walker’s action only applies to sites already on the National or State Register of Historic Places or deemed historic by the Wisconsin Historical Society. This excludes pre 1936 structures not deemed historic. The moratorium remains in place on these structures until the WEDC finishes their analysis on the impact of the HTC program on the state’s budget.

Historic preservation is a successful tool in redevelopment and Preservation Action (PA) supports the Wisconsin’s HTC program going forward. Milwaukee Wisconsin’s Brewhouse Inn and Suites project was included in PA’s Preservation’s Best list. Rep. Gwen Moore joined PA and the National Trust Community Investment Corporation for the event.

West Virginia Seeks Input On Annual State Preservation Work Program

West Virginia is seeking input on a proposed annual historic preservation work program. Input would assists the State’s Historic Preservation Office in administering historic preservation grants and identifying resources eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. Deadline for public comment is Aug. 30th. Follow the link below for more information.

WV Historic Preservation Office  →

Preservation Action Election Watch

Elections of Congressional representation in the US House of Representatives and US Senate are important acts of civic participation. This election, historic preservationists have an opportunity to engage candidates on the historic preservation issues important to you and your communities. Congressional leaders supportive of historic preservation are retiring from offices in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Upcoming Primaries
Alaska: August 19
Arizona: August 26
Connecticut: August 12
Delaware: September 9
Florida: August 26
Guam: August 30
Hawaii: August 9
Massachusetts: September 9
Michigan: August 5
Minnesota: August 12

Missouri: August 5
New Hampshire: September 9
Rhode Island: September 9
Tennessee: August 7
Vermont: August 26
Virgin Islands: August 9
Washington: August 5
Wisconsin: August 12
Wyoming: August 19

All Primary Dates →

National News

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Stories From the States

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