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Preservation Action, Legislative Update
Volume 19, Number 25, July 1, 2016 →

Presumptive Presidential Nominees Campaign’s Speak on Protecting America’s Public Lands

Earlier this week representatives from Donald Trump’s campaign and Hillary Clinton’s campaign, spoke at a conference hosted by the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership. The conference focused on issues important to sportsmen, including supporting America’s public lands. Both campaign’s surrogates portrayed their party’s presumptive presidential nominee as a friend to sportsmen and supporter of public lands.

Donald Trump Jr. spoke on behalf of his father’s campaign and Congressman Mike Thompson spoke on behalf of Secretary Clinton’s campaign. Both surrogates highlighted support for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). The LWCF supports more than the preservation of natural areas and wildlife habitat; the fund also supports the preservation of culturally and historically significant sites and battlefield preservation. Donald Trump Jr. said LWCF is important and funding should be maintained, and potentially increased. Congressman Thompson said Secretary Clinton plans to double the funding for the LWCF and create an American Parks Trust Fund which would expand the scope of LWCF. This would allow the funds to be used not just for land acquisition, parks, and recreation, but also for infrastructure maintenance, wildlife habitat protection, and more.

Both campaigns also believed public lands should remain in federal hands and not be transferred to state control, which is perhaps where Donald Trump differs with many House Republicans. However Donald Trump Jr. did say that states should have more say over the management of public lands. Congressman Thompson also said local input should be incorporated with public land management. Thompson also noted that our public lands are critical for clean air, clean water and the economy.

In this important election year, Preservation Action will continue to follow where the presidential campaigns stand on issues important to historic preservation. To learn more about the candidates stance on issues important to historic preservation, check out the article from Greg Werkheiser with Cultural Heritage Partners.

Vote For Your Favorite National Park Service Historic Site Today!

There is still time to vote for your favorite National Park Service (NPS) historic site! The National Park Service (NPS) announced a campaign through the Partners in Preservation program with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, American Express, and National Geographic. Through the program, 20 historic sites located in NPS units across the country are competing for $2 million in grants from American Express. Sites will be selected based on popular vote. You can vote for up to 5 sites daily. Voting ends on July 5th.

The historic sites competing for grants are:

  • -The Superintendent’s Office at Denali National Park
  • -Key’s Ranch at Joshua Tree National Park
  • -Pullman Administration Building at Pullman National Monument
  • -Desert View Tower at Grand Canyon National Park
  • -San Felipe Del Morro Garitas at San Juan National Historic Site
  • -Columbus Fountain at National Mall and Memorial Parks
  • -Longmire Historic House at Mt. Rainer National Park
  • -Parsons Memorial Lodge at Yosemite National Park
  • -Zion- Mt. Carmel Tunnel and Highway at Zion National Park
  • -Borglum View Terrave at Mt. Rushmore National Memorial
  • -President’s Office at San Antonio National Missions Historical Park
  • -Battleship Row Mooring Quay at WW2 Valor Pacific National Monument
  • -Clingman’s Observation Tower at Great Smokey Mountain National Park
  • -Fort Jay Thorpee D’Arms at Governors Island National Monument
  • -Historic Ebeneezer Church at Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site
  • -Brink of Upper Falls Overlook at Yellowstone National Park
  • -Alcatraz Guardhouse at Golden Gate National Recreational Area
  • -Flamingo Visitor Center at Everglades National Park
  • -North and South Overlooks at Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
  • -Parker’s Revenge Battlefield at Minute Men National Historical Park


Vote for your favorite historic sites today and daily until July 5th! Your vote can help provide critically needed funds for some of our most important National Parks and National Historic Sites. Vote and learn more at www.voteyourpark.org!

New Jersey Legislature and Gov. Reach Agreement on Preservation Funding

New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie is expected to sign legislation that appropriates funding for open-space preservation, that resulted from a ballot measure approved by New Jersey voters in 2014. This comes after a long and contentious battle between the state legislature and Gov. Christie on how the open space funds should be spent.

The ballot measure, approved by voters in 2014, directed that a portion of the revenue received by the Corporate Business Tax be used for preservation. The $80 million bill, approved by the legislature this week, determines how that revenue should be spent annually and provides significant funding for historic preservation, as well as preservation of farmland and open space.

The state legislature and Gov. Christie reached a compromise after the Governor issued a conditional veto of the original open-space funding bill and the legislature threatened to override that veto with a 2/3 majority vote in favor the bill. Failure to reach a compromise could have resulted in important funding allocated for historic preservation, being diverted elsewhere. We encourage quick action by Gov. Christie to sign this important legislation.

Check out Preservation New Jersey to lean more about this issue and fund out how you can help.

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