Congress Returns Next Week: Critical Time for Preservation Advocates; ACHP Adopts Program Comment on Railroad Right-of-ways; NPS Awards $8.6 Million in HBCU Preservation Grants; Get Your Tickets for PAF Auction Today! and Stories From the States

Preservation Action, Legislative Update
Volume 21, Number 27, August 31, 2018 →

1.  Lawmakers Return From August Recess Next Week. Critical Time for Preservation Advocates

2. ACHP Adopts Program Comment to Streamline Section 106 Review in Railroad Rights-of-way

3. National Park Service Awards $8.6 million in HBCU Preservation Grants

4.  Gold Rush: Party Time! PAF Auction Returns on Nov. 14th in San Francisco. Get Your Tickets Today

5. Stories From the States

Legislative Update: August 31, 2018 →