Historic Preservation Caucus

The Historic Preservation Caucus, formed in 2003, brings together members of Congress who understand the value of America’s historic places as definers of our national character. Its members support and encourage preservation and thoughtful economic development in their states, districts, and territories as a matter of national policy.

The caucus is Co-Chaired by Representatives Michael Turner (R-OH) and Earl Blumenaur (D-OR).

“Investing in the real estate sector has been part of the fabric of America for generations. Preserving communities and incentivizing economic growth builds on that legacy.”

– Representative Turner (Source)

“I’ve seen the power of historic preservation as a key component to a livable community, that is rich and varied. Not just merely the historic character, but the mixed uses, architectural diversity, human scale and function, economic development, jobs and the creation of value.”

– Representative Blumenauer (Source)

The growth of the Historic Preservation Caucus is an excellent opportunity for grassroots advocates. These members of Congress have stepped up to say they support us. Let’s work with them locally to share our good work. Cultivate these relationships by inviting them to events and meeting with their district staff.

The Historic Preservation Caucus of the 116th House of Representatives

Name Party State
Abraham, Ralph R LA-5
Adams, Alma D NC-12
Barr, Andy R KY-6
Bishop, Rob R UT-1
Blumenauer, Earl (Co-Chair) D OR-3
Blunt-Rochester, Lisa D DE-AL
Brady, Robert D PA-1
Brown, Anthony D MD-04
Butterfield, G.K. D NC-1
Byrne, Bradley R AL-1
Carson, Andre D IN-7
Cartwright, Matthew D PA-17
Chabot, Steve R OH-1
Cicilline, David D RI-1
Clark, Katherine D MA-05
Cleaver II, Emanuel D MO-5
Clyburn, James D SC-6
Cohen, Steve D TN-9
Comer, James R KY-1
Cooper, Jim D TN-5
Courtney, Joe D CT-2
Cummings, Elijah D MD-7
Davis, Danny D IL-7
Davis, Susan D CA-53
DeFazio, Peter D OR-4
DeGette, Diana D CO-1
DeLauro, Rosa D CT-3
Doggett, Lloyd D TX-25
Doyle, Mike D PA-14
Fortenberry, Jeff R NE-1
Gallego, Ruben D AZ-7
Granger, Kay R TX-12
Grijalva, Raul D AZ-3
Guthrie, Brett R KY-2
Higgins, Brian D NY-27
Hill, French R AR-2
Himes, Jim D CT-4
Holmes-Norton, Eleanor D DC
Johnson, Eddie Bernice D TX-30
Kaptur, Marcy D OH-9
Kildee, Daniel D MI-5
Kennedy III, Joseph P. D MA-4
Kuster, Ann D NH-2
Langevin, James D RI-3
Larson, John D CT-1
Lee, Barbara D CA-9
Lewis, John D GA-5
Loebsack, Dave D IA-2
Lowey, Nita D NY-18
Lujan, Ben Ray D NM-3
Lynch, Stephen D MA-9
Maloney, Carolyn D NY-12
Maloney, Sean D NY-18
Matsui, Doris D CA-5
McCollum, Betty DFL MN-4
McGovern, James D MA-2
Moore, Gwen D WI-4
Nadler, Jerrold D NY-8
Neal, Richard D MA-2
Pallone, Frank D NJ-6
Pascrell, Bill D NJ-8
Pingree, Chellie D ME-1
Plaskett, Stacey D VI-AL
Pocan, Mark D WI-2
Posey, Bill R FL-15
Price, David D NC-4
Raskin, Jamie D MD-8
Richmond, Cedric D LA-2
Roe, Phil R TN-1
Rogers, Hal R KY-5
Ryan, Tim D OH-17
Sarbanes, John D MD-3
Schakowsky, Janice D IL-9
Scott, David D GA-13
Scott, Robert “Bobby” D VA-3
Serrano, Jose D NY-16
Sires, Albio D NJ-13
Smith, Adam D WA-9
Stivers, Steve R OH-15
Tipton, Scott R CO-3
Tonko, Paul D NY-20
Turner, Michael (Co-Chair) R OH-3
Upton, Fred R MI-6
Welch, Peter D VT
Wilson, Joe R SC-2
Wittman, Robert R VA-1
Yarmuth, John D KY-3

States Represented in the Historic Preservation Caucus

Bradley Byrne

Ruben Gallego
Raul Grijalva

French Hill

Susan Davis
Barbara Lee
Doris Matsui

Diana DeGette
Scott Tipton

Joe Courtney
Rosa DeLauro
Jim Himes
John Larson

Lisa Blunt-Rochester

District of Columbia
Eleanor Holmes-Norton

Bill Posey

John Lewis
David Scott

Dave Loebsack

Danny Davis
Janice Schakowsky

Andre Carson

Andy Barr
James Comer
Brett Guthrie
Hal Rogers
John Yarmuth

Cedric Richmond
Ralph Abraham

Katherine Clark
Joseph P. Kennedy III
Stephen Lynch
James McGovern
Richard Neal

Anthony Brown
Elijah Cummings
Jamie Raskin
John Sarbanes

Chellie Pingree

Daniel Kildee
Fred Upton

Betty McCollum

Emanuel Cleaver

Jeff Fortenberry

New Hampshire
Ann Kuster

New Jersey
Frank Pallone
Bill Pascrell
Albio Sires

New Mexico
Ben Ray Lujan

New York
Brian Higgins
Nita Lowey
Carolyn Maloney
Sean Maloney
Jerrold Nadler
Jose Serrano
Paul Tonko

North Carolina
Alma Adams
G.K. Butterfield
David Price

Marcy Kaptur
Tim Ryan
Steve Stivers
Michael Turner (Co-Chair)

Tom Cole

Earl Blumenauer
Peter DeFazio

Robert Brady
Matthew Cartwright
Mike Doyle

Rhode Island
David Cicilline
James Langevin

South Carolina
James Clyburn
Joe Wilson

Steve Cohen
Jim Cooper
Phil Roe

Lloyd Doggett
Kay Granger
Eddie Bernice Johnson

Rob Bishop

Robert Scott
Robert Wittman

Virgin Islands
Stacey Plaskett

Peter Welch

Adam Smith

Gwen Moore
Mark Pocan